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Pierre Pinson Introduction
Miguel Anjos Introduction to Optimization in Energy
Spyros Chatzivasileiadis Introduction to DC- and AC-OPF

Introduction to Convex Relaxation of AC-OPF

Daniel Kuhn Data-driven and Distributionally Robust Optimization and Applications
Pascal van Hentenryck Convex Relaxation and Applications – Slides 1Slides 2Slides 3Slides 4 – Extra Slides 1, Extra Slides 2
Misha Chertkov Optimization, Inference and Learning for Integrated Energy Systems
Pierre Pinson Consumer-centric Electricity Markets
Jalal Kazempour Electricity Markets with Renewables
Maryam Kamgarpour Game-theoretic Models in Energy Systems and Control – NotesExample
Michal Adamaszek Introduction to Mosek



Group based projects:


Project 1 AC-OPF with convex relaxations (SDP-OPF)   –  Codes
Project 2 Distributionally Robust Energy and Reserve Dispatch with Wasserstein Metric  –  Datasets
Project 3 Energy Communities and Peer-to-peer Electricity Markets
Project 4 Perfect and Imperfect Competition in Electricity Markets



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