Travelling to Copenhagen

On this page we provide some links that help you explore your travelling options to Copenhagen.

By train

Denmark may be reached by train from neighbouring countries. For example coming from Sweden, Norway, Germany, and The Netherlands you could explore this option.

More information can be found on train planners of

  • Sweden and Norway: DSB or SJ
  • Germany: Deutsche Bahn (also good planner for journeys that pass through Germany, from i.e. the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland)

By bus

Some bus services drive to Copenhagen from a variety of cities in Europe. See websites of

By boat

The night ferry from Oslo takes you directly to Copenhagen. If you book in time this is an affordable and comfortable way to reach Copenhagen.

See DFDS website for more information.

By plane

Copenhagen has an airport.

From the airport, you can reach the city center in about 15 minutes by metro. Plan your metro trip here.