Summer School 2019

The DTU CEE Summer School 2019 “Data-Driven Analytics and Optimization for Energy Systems” was organized by the ELMA group from June 16 to June 21, 2019, and sponsored by by EES-UETP, Mosek ApS and RTE France.

With 60 participants (from universities and enterprises, and from all over the world) and 8 world-renowned lecturers, this event was again larger than the previously organized school. The summer school focused in particular on optimal power flow, distributionally robust optimization, convex relaxations, data-driven methods, machine learning and their applications to power systems. Students received tutorials on the application and interpretation of these techniques, by means of hands-on exercises. In addition, students were asked to disseminate their research to other students through poster presentations and peer review. The overall evaluation from 55 participants was as follows: excellent: 45.4%, good: 47.3%, fair: 7.3%, poor: 0%.

Presentation slides – link to videos:

Jalal KazempourIntroduction
Munther DahlehA Marketplace for Data   –   Learning Linear Systems
Dolores Romero MoralesThe Opportunities and Challenges of Mathematical Optimization for Data Science
Johanna MathieuData‐Driven Distributionally Robust Optimization   –   Codes
Andrea SimonettoData‐Driven Optimization in Power Systems   –   Hands-on Exercises
Saverio BolognaniData‐Driven Control in Power Distribution Grids
Pierre PinsonStatistical and Machine Learning for Forecasting   –   Part 2   –   Part 3
Spyros ChatzivasileiadisData‐Driven Methods for Power System Security Assessment   –   Exercises   –   Codes   –   Database
Jalal KazempourDistributed Optimization   –   Part 2   –   Part 3   –   Part 4   –   Exercises
Michal AdamaszekMosek

Reading Material

Johanna Mathieu –  Paper 1, Paper 2

Saverio Bolognani – Paper

Munther Dahleh – Paper 1, Paper 2, Lecture Video

Jalal Kazempour – Notes 1, Notes 2, Notes 3

Pierre Pinson – Book Chapter

Spyros Chatzivasileiadis – Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3, Paper 4, Paper 5, Paper 6, Tutorial

Andrea Simonetto – Paper

Dolores Romero Morales – Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3