Download here the Program of the summer school 2020 or synchronize the calendar below! The course is divided into the following main activities:


During the 5-day course distinguished speakers, excelling both in research and teaching, give talks about the latest developments in optimization for energy systems. The topics that the DTU CEE Summer School 2020 will cover are:

  • Electricity Market Design
  • Electricity Markets: Challenges and Solutions
  • Machine Learning: State-of-the-art and Applications to Renewable Energy
  • Stochastic Programming Applications to Power System Operation and Investment
  • Aggregative and Network Games
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Learning and Optimization for Power Distribution Grids
  • Equilibrium Models in Power Systems
  • Forecasting in Power Systems
  • Machine Learning Applications in Power Systems

Poster session

Please prepare a poster (please bring the printed poster on A0 format, 1189 x 841 mm) on your current, past or future research! The two best posters selected by all participants on day 1 will have a chance to be presented orally on day 4.

Certificate for 2.5 ECTS

The participants who will send an extensive summary of lectures by mid August will receive 2.5 ECTS.

Social events for networking and fun

Every year we organize a whole afternoon dedicated to social events.
Don’t miss the opportunity to socialize with fellow colleagues from all over the world!

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